Verve Credit Card

Verve Card

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Credit score when opened: 537

Starting credit limit: 500

Credit limit increase: None

Annual fee: It’s $125 for the first year. After that, it’s $96 per year.

Customer service: Just Okay. I only had to talk to them once and that was to ask why I had not received a credit increase after being a card holder for almost two years.


    It’s an easy card to get. When I started building my credit after years of stupid neglect this was the first card that took a chance on me.
    No interest if you pay the balance in full.


    Ridiculously high annually fee. But when you’ve mucked up your credit, your options are few.
    After the first year, the annual fee is broken down to $5 a month payments. Which sucks if you don’t use the card that often. Being billed this way guarantees that you always have a balance due.
    I have never received a CLI from this card. When I called to ask about it I was informed that I could request one, but it would be a hard pull from three bureaus and the CLI was not guaranteed of course. So I declined moving forward the the credit limit increase request. This could by far be my biggest complaint about them. While all my other cards’ CL has soared this one is stuck in $500 land. If and when I decide to start closing cards this one will be one of the first to go.

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  1. MemmaMe2
      June 24, 2016

    Did you have to give them a deposit?

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