Getting pre-approved is a great way to avoid taking a hard pull if the creditor is more inclined to deny you than approve you.

If you click on the links below you can see if you are pre-approved for these credit cards without affecting your credit score.

Pre-approved credit card links


This is probably one of the easiest cards to get approved for. It’s where I started my rebuilding journey. I had a very low 500s score at the time and they pre-approved me. So ultimately I applied and begain rebuilding my credit.

This another good card to try for early in your rebuilding. What I loved about them is that they give credit limit increases often.

Chase and Citi are pretty standard.

I love everything about my Discover card. I love the rewards, the CL increases and the customer service. With discover you have to have either a dynamite average age of accounts or a credit score in the upper 600s. If you don’t meet this criteria they might offer you a secured card, like most other banks.

Bank of America is pretty strict on the inquires and amount of newly open accounts. But they’re good at not letting you leave empty handed. If you do not qualify for an unsecured card they will offer you a secured one which is either a $99 down payment or $300 downpayment, with both they return the down payment after a year of on time payments.

Now we’re getting a little highfalutin! But hey…it’s your life. :-)

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