How To Do The Shopping Cart Trick

What is The Shopping Cart Trick?? 

It’s a way to get approved for credit cards without getting a hard pull on your credit report. Therefore, what usually happens is instead of your credit score going down due to a hard pull, it goes up when a new account is reported.

Who should use The Shopping Cart Trick?

  • Anyone with:
  • A low credit score
  • Bankruptcy
  • Negative credit history or No history
  • Too many credit inquiries

Why is this helpful?

If you have a low credit score or no credit history hard inquiries can be detrimental to your overall credit health, which makes building or rebuilding difficult. Even more so, a below average score can lead to being denied all together with a traditional application. The shopping cart tricks avoids these problems. For example, I know people that have been denied through a traditional Victoria’s Secret application, but approved through the shopping cart trick.

This is not a tool you should use to go credit crazy. But it works great to rebuild your credit without having to shell out money for secured credit cards.

How to do it:

The shopping cart trick is done primarily with stores that uses Comenity Bank as it’s credit card issuer. While some others may work (And if so please comment below), it’s mostly CB stores.

  1. Clear your browser history, cache and cookies.
  2. Visit the website of one of the stores listed below. Register with them and subscribe to their email list.
  3. Place one or two items in your cart and go to check out.
  4. Proceed with the check out process, either right after you enter your shipping address or right before you are to select a payment method and pop up will appear with urging you to apply for their store card.

If this pops up here you are good money.  You’ll know it’s the Shopping Cart Method (which mean a soft pull to your account) because it will only ask you for the last four digits of your social.

List of stores:

Arhaus Avenue 


Bealls Florida 

Bealls Outlet / Burkes Outlet 




Boston Store 


Caesars Total Rewards Visa

Carson Pirie Scott 



Crate & Barrel 

Dress Barn 

Eddie Bauer



Gander Mountain 

Giant Eagle





Jessica London



Lane Bryant 

The Limited Loft Credit Card

Marathon Visa


Meijer Credit Card


New York & Company Credit Card 

Overton’s MasterCard

Pacific Sunwear 

Peebles Credit Card

Pier 1 Imports 

Pottery Barn 

Reeds Jewelers 

Restoration Hardware C

Roaman’s Credit Card

Saturday Night Live Credit Card

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa

Stage Credit Card


Trek Credit Card

True Value 

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Virgin America 

Elm Credit Card

Woman Within 


Z Gallerie 



  1. Carol
      March 31, 2015

    I tried the express didn’t work. I went over to Victoria and the offer popped up. I almost peed my pants. Just for good measure I tried New York and Co and it also popped up.

    I know what you mean about secured cards. I was just going put down $300 on one but i’ll use these to work on my credit instead.


  2. Tam torre
      April 27, 2015

    I have been working on rebuilding my credit for the past 6mo. This trick absolutely works! I have been successful w/at least 3 of my store credit cards and a low CS. Also a soft pull has not affected my score much at all. Thanks for all the great tips & keep em coming!

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