Credit One Bank Credit Card Review

Credit One Bank Credit Card

Credit One Bank Visa

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Credit score when opened: 540

Starting credit limit: 500

Credit limit increase: About every six months, sometimes sooner

Annual fee: $75 the first year. After that, $99 per year. This varies though. If you have a higher credit score I think they’ll offer you an annual fee of $45. My mother was offered those terms.

Customer service: Sucks. If you ever had to dispute an item, forgetaboutit. They took my dispute information and then told me that I needed to submit my claim in writing and that once they receive my letter they will then send out a form for me to sign and send back. None of this EVER HAPPENED.


    It’s an easy card to get.
    Frequent credit limit increases.
    After about a year they offered me a Credit One Bank Master card without a credit pull.


    Terrible customer service and procedures. This card should only be used to buy gas and groceries. And if your card ever got into the wrong pair of hands you will have a helluva time disputing the charges.
    After the first year, the annual fee is broken down to $8.25 a month payments. If you read my verve card review you would know I hate this practice because it guarantees that you always have a balance due.
    Interest is charged from the date of purchase no matter what. Whether you pay your balance in full or not.

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